MJX F645 F45 4ch LCD 2.4GHZ Large Single Blade Rc Helicopter


* 4ch 2.4GHZ LCD transmitter (included) * 70 cm * Color: Red or green (random color will be ship if no request) * MEMS Gyro * Metal Body * 7.4v 1500mah (included) * Camera Function on Remote (camera sold separately * Extra Main and Tail Blade included * Wall charger included * All our helicopters are tested before we ship them out to insure that customers will not get any defective unit upon arrival. *****WARNING: For address outside of United States: Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, etc.. The estimated Standard shipping days are not accurate. Sometimes it takes a lot longer than the estimate.

I decided to buy the MJX F645 4 channel helicopter after reading many positive reviews, including that of Dan (THX Kid). It was also on sale at a local retailer at a great price, and spare parts seem to be readily available as well. The radio is 2.4 GHz and has a longer range than the 27-40 MHz offerings. All plus points!
My only prior experience was with 3 channel co-axials, and I don’t have access to a simulator. I didn’t even have training landing gear attached. I am also not a video gamer, and was never any good at them either (just mentioning all this to indicate that I have just average hand-eye coordination skills!)Yet I was able to take this helicopter off, fly and land safely. The remote has the option to select what the manufacturer calls “Mod 2″, and I selected this, since it resembles 3 channel control setups, in which the left stick controls throttle, and the right stick controls elevator and rudder. Experienced pilots would select what the manufacturer calls “Mod 4″ (which is actually the conventional Mode 2!), in which the right stick controls elevator and aileron, and the left throttle and rudder. The ultimate aim of flying electric helis is enjoyment, and everyone will agree that suffering a bad crash at the beginning is not particularly enjoyable for most, so that’s why I decided to use “Mod 2″, till I became more familiar with the flight characteristics of this heli. I also used a large, open field, at a time when there would be no-one around (safety first!), with very little wind (early morning). Having a large, open area is very important if you don’t have experience and are unfamiliar with the flight characteristics of your machine. It gives you more space to make mistakes and then corrections, without suffering a crash. This helicopter (like all single rotors) will drift to the left on take-off, so be prepared for that. It will also be `blown’ fairly easily by wind, so be prepared for that as well. A feature of the remote is the ability to set the controls by percentage of full movement. I used 65% setting for throttle, and 75% for elevator, ailerons and rudder. Again this is a very useful feature for beginners like me.
In conclusion this seems a great product even for pilots with limited experience, provided they take the appropriate precautions. Remember that this is not a toy, meaning it can cause serious injury or damage to you or others. Always fly with an experienced pilot in attendance, within the limits of your ability.

  • 4ch 2.4GHZ LCD
  • 70cm
  • MEMS Gyro
  • Metal Body

Mjx f f ch lcd ghz large single blade rc helicopter1 MJX F645 F45 4ch LCD 2.4GHZ Large Single Blade Rc Helicopter

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